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Identifying Your Septic Tank System: A Guide

Unsure about the type of septic tank system you own? Proper maintenance and troubleshooting become challenging without this knowledge. At Helensville Drainage, we specialize in servicing, repairing, and providing essential parts for various septic tank systems, ensuring optimal performance.

To help you identify your system, we've detailed the common types below. If you need further guidance or services, don't hesitate to reach out.

🔹 Standard Septic Tanks

  • Typically consists of a single concrete tank.

  • Separates wastewater into three layers: scum (floats on top), liquid (middle layer), and solids/sludge (settles at the bottom).

  • The liquid undergoes treatment within the tank, then moves to a disposal field for ground absorption.

  • Requires pumping of solids and sludge every three years to prevent environmental pollution. Note: We don't handle effluent removal.

🔸 Aerobic Treatment Units

  • Can be a single large tank or multiple chambered tanks.

  • Utilizes aerobic digestion, offering a more thorough treatment than anaerobic-only systems.

  • Needs bi-annual servicing and emptying every 3-5 years for best results.

🌱 Worm Farm Treatment Systems

  • Eco-friendly tanks, available as single or multi-chambered units.

  • Naturally decomposes solids, even food waste.

  • Bi-annual servicing recommended. Use only bio-safe products for cleaning. Emptying is typically needed every 10-15 years.

Live Chat Support: Need more personalized assistance? Chat with our experts in real-time to get answers.

Contact Helensville Drainage: Ready for a service or just have questions? Request a free quote or make an enquiry. We're here to ensure your septic system runs smoothly.


Helensville Drainage offers a range of drainage and wastewater services across Auckland and the North Shore. Established in 1994, Helensville Drainage is owned by experienced drainlayer Chris Gelderman, who is supported by a four-man team. Helensville Drainage offers expert advice, quality products and sound installation.

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