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Expert solutions for proper
wastewater flow

Our team deals with drainage and wastewater connections for existing and new drainage systems
Got a problem with your drains? Our team can unblock them quickly
Get a plastic or concrete septic tank installed - water tanks also available

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Comprehensive wastewater management solutions.
Prioritizing eco-friendly and efficient practices.
Helensville Drainage ensures clean and safe disposal.

Ensure your septic system's quality with Helensville Drainage.

 Auckland's Septic Solution Experts

Since 1994, Helensville Drainage has been Auckland's trusted partner for septic tank solutions. Navigating the world of septic tanks can be daunting, but our expertise ensures a smooth process. Whether you're considering a concrete or plastic tank, we guide you every step of the way.

Types of Septic Tanks:

  1. Standard Septic Tanks: Separates wastewater into scum, liquid, and sludge. The treated liquid filters into a disposal field.

  2. Treatment Plants & Aerobic Tanks: Uses an aerobic process to digest waste and separate solids.

  3. Worm Farm Treatment Plants: Eco-friendly tanks that naturally break down solids, including food waste.

Our registered drainlayers tailor solutions to your needs, ensuring quality within your budget. Beyond installation, we offer sewer connections, blocked drain services, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Cost of Installation: Quality matters. While you can opt for a cheaper tank, investing in quality ensures long-term benefits.

  • Installation Duration: Typically, we aim for a 2-day installation.

  • Maintenance Frequency: Generally, every three years, but it varies based on usage.

Post-Installation Services:

  • Servicing: We ensure your tank functions optimally, advising on inspection frequencies.

  • Repairs: We recommend professional maintenance for issues like outlet failures or soakage field problems.


Helensville Drainage offers a range of drainage and wastewater services across Auckland and the North Shore. Established in 1994, Helensville Drainage is owned by experienced drainlayer Chris Gelderman, who is supported by a four-man team. Helensville Drainage offers expert advice, quality products and sound installation.


Chris Gelderman

Owner And Drain Laying Specialist

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