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Expert solutions for proper
wastewater flow

Our team deals with drainage and wastewater connections for existing and new drainage systems
Got a problem with your drains? Our team can unblock them quickly
Get a plastic or concrete septic tank installed - water tanks also available

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Quick diagnosis and effective solutions.
No need for replacements with our expert repairs.
Helensville Drainage: Prolonging your system's lifespan.

Experiencing Septic Tank Issues? Helensville Drainage Has You Covered! Septic Maintenance in Auckland

 Auckland's Septic Solution Experts

Noticed a foul odour from your septic tank or facing flushing issues? It's a sign your septic system needs attention. Whether it's a simple cleanout or addressing blocked disposal fields, our team will inspect, identify, and resolve the issue.

Helensville Drainage is adept at maintaining various wastewater systems, be it concrete, plastic, aerobic, textile filter-based, or composting. Our expertise ensures cost-effective solutions for all your septic concerns.

Since 1994, our registered drainlayers have been the go-to for reliable drainage solutions in Auckland. Beyond septic services, we handle new drainage connections, blocked drains, and more. Drop your contact details for a no-obligation quote on our septic cleaning services.


Helensville Drainage: Reviving Your Septic System

A malfunctioning septic tank doesn't always mean replacement. More often than not, a thorough check, clean, pump, or repair by our professionals will restore its functionality.

Comprehensive Drainage Solutions

For those in need of broader drainage solutions, especially for subdivisions, Helensville Drainage brings over 25 years of experience to the table. Our offerings include:

  • New drainage system setups

  • Drainage for fresh builds and subdivisions

  • Sewer and stormwater connections

  • Renovations for existing drains

Trust Helensville Drainage for all your drainage needs. For expert advice or a free quote, reach out to Auckland's trusted drainage specialists.


Helensville Drainage offers a range of drainage and wastewater services across Auckland and the North Shore. Established in 1994, Helensville Drainage is owned by experienced drainlayer Chris Gelderman, who is supported by a four-man team. Helensville Drainage offers expert advice, quality products and sound installation.


Chris Gelderman

Owner And Drain Laying Specialist

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